E Ihowa Atua, O nga iwi matou ra

Ata whakarangona, Me aroha noa

Kia hua ko te pai, Kia tau to atawhai

Manaakitia mai, Aotearoa

New Zealand Sovereignty


We are a nationwide peaceful lobby group made up of average New Zealanders from all walks of life.

We aim to activate, encourage and UNITE the silent majority of Kiwis from all ethnicities and ages, to ensure that our glorious country remains a peaceful, secure and free land. 

NZ Sovereignty focuses on two key issues: Firstly, we absolutely oppose the introduction of any "hate speech laws" or any changes to our current laws governing freedom of speech in New Zealand.

Secondly, we demand the government withdraw from the United Nations Global Migration Pact (the Pact) - an agreement which will effect every individual in the country, and which was signed with comparatively no public debate, mainstream media coverage, or referendum, given the importance of its contents. The announcement that it had been signed was made by Winston Peters approximately one hour before parliament closed the doors for 2018. Who knew?

NZ Sovereignty supporters are regularly out on the streets engaging with fellow Kiwis, and staging events to highlight to New Zealanders the growing threats to our freedom which are being implemented by this coalition government. We encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can. Together our voice can be heard. Together we can protect OUR free land.

God of Nations at thy feet, ​

In the bonds of love we meet

Hear our voices we entreat,​

God defend our free land

Guard Pacific's triple star,​

From the shafts of strife and war

Make her praises heard afar.

God Defend New Zealand

NZ Sovereignty