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1.  Don't Let The Govt Screw You Over

Meet Ed.....he's a Kiwi who loves his country, and the lifestyle and freedom that he grew up with. He has a lot to say about protecting freedom of speech, and being able to say "Let's be really careful about immigration and the decisions that are made about that." Ed supports democracy and believes signing up to the UN Pact is dangerous for the future of New Zealand. He'd also like New Zealand to get in closer with Australia and the USA, our traditional allies. "They didn't sign the Pact, for good reason, we need to get out of this darn agreement, as soon as we can." 

Ed and all of his friends and family took took their names from famous individuals who love this country, and who have become part of the rich heritage we are proud of.  To follow Ed's commentaries, sign up to the fb page NZSovereigty or on twitter @NZSovereignty.

Cindy Wolf - ANZAC
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2.  ANZAC - Our Sovereign Right



















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3.  Cindy's Hypocrisy and Confused Ed


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